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Book the service you are looking for and organise your vacation at any part of the world, through browsing your accommodation, flight and car rental at low prices.

Rent your holiday car

Upon arrival, the least of your worries should be an easy access to mobility. Having to wait endlessly at the counter of a rental agency can sometimes dampen on the joy and fun of your trip. To date, we have established ourselves as trusted providers in the car hire business, not just in Crete but nationally as well. We delight in providing visitors with affordable car rental options. Our aim is to help make your stay more pleasurable and memorable.
Contact us today for your booking inquiries.

Rent your dream villa

The task of locating a good and affordable vacation home can sometimes be daunting. Our aim is to provide you with a wide selection of traditional, luxury and modern villas equipped with contemporary facilities and beautiful scenery. Regardless of what your desires may be, we are sure to have a villa accommodation to suit your tastes. This underscores the fact that we are determined to assist you in renting your dream villa for an affordable rate. No other provider can surpass us at this.

We provide travel packages to over 50 exclusive travel destinations. From Algarve to the islands of Greece; from the beaches of Florida to the beautiful scenery of Spain – we are capable of reaching the four corners of the map, and providing you with a travel destination that best suits your needs.
With us, you are sure of having VALUE for your money.

  • Crete, Greece - This island, in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, will capture you with its hospitality and extraordinary cuisine. Learn more about Crete and its golden beaches. Villas in Crete can be easily contacted, making your reservations fast and easy. more...
  • Corfu, Greece - This is one of the most interesting islands of Greece as well as the most commopolitan. Corfu Town is a city of many magnificent tourist attractions. All this of course, combined with villas in Corfu. more...
  • Malaga, Spain - Situated on the southern Iberian coast and categorized among Spain’s top holiday destinations. Once you have reached Malaga, you are sure to want to travel around, and the best option is to use a car hire in Malaga. more...
  • Faro, Portugal - Relax through swimming and diving on the beaches of Faro and end up the day with a taste of the exquisite Portuguese cuisine. When you need to drive around the town, car hire in Faro is a great option. more...
  • Izmir, Turkey - The pearl of Turkey on the east coast. Combine history and relaxation overlooking the Aegean Sea. While travelling by car rental in Izmir, you will have the opportunity to visit several tourist attractions. more...
  • Cyprus island - Reach Europe´s southest point and feel the magic of its beaches and the unforgettable sunset. You can use our Cyprus rent a car service to visit the west coast of the island as well as explore the beach at Coral Bay. more...
  • Rhodes, Greece - With so many great things to see in Rhodes, Greece, from the medieval city, to the beautiful St. Paul’s Bay, there is no doubt why so many travelers choose this remarkable place for a holiday and select Rhodes villas.... more...
  • Mytilene, Greece - Villas in Mytilene are absolutely beautiful and provide some of the most spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. more...

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